Geographical Information System

Do you need a Location Reference System?
We have Mapping Services , Image Processing Services and Utility Network Information System.

MicroCAD undertakes high volume geospatial 2D/3D data conversion projects and has successfully executed mapping projects from disparate and wide-ranging sources (satellite imagery, aerial photography, LiDAR or Legacy maps) to deliver in multiple GIS formats. MicroCAD searching base in India and Gulf Region.

We provide following benifits with our GIS system :

  • Land base mapping - small, medium and large scale
  • Cadastral mapping Rail / Road corridor mapping
  • Forestry / Agriculture / Hydro mapping
  • Engineering / Terrestrial photogrammetry mapping
  • Positional accuracy improvement of map features
  • GIS data conflation

Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing

Mechanical & HVAC

Whether you need to install cooling for a new server room or figure out how to replace your inefficient central mechanical plant, you want to partner with mechanical engineers you trust.

In HVAC system , we design Heating / Cooling Load. Air distribution system including Air Handling Units, Ventilation & Exhaust systems, ducting, grilles, diffusers and dampers. Preparing the detailed layouts showing the HVAC pipe routings etc. , civil/wall chasing and civil sleeves/cutouts required at site and getting architect approval. Ventilation & Exhaust systems for different area.


As you decide whom to hire for your next electrical project, your first concerns may be where to locate bulky Electrical High Side Equipments & switch gear or how to locate the light points that meet code requirements and lend appeal to your finished space.

Our Services includes :

  • Load Assessment
  • Electrical Board Power Assessment
  • Redundancy Level For Each Sub System
  • Space Allocation And Architectural Coordination
  • Backup Power
  • Distribution Of Power Lines


Our plumbing engineers design systems with your “whole building” in mind to help you avoid big impact surprises. We look at project objectives, materials and designs from many different angles to get it right.

Our Services includes :

  • Plumbing System
  • Sewage Drainage System
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Effuluent Treatment Plants
  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Heating Systems

Engineering Design, Procurement & Construction

Engineering Design

Engineering Designs, Drawings and blueprints are the building blocks for all types of EPC projects. It is a crucial stage where project requirements are turned into real-life instructions.

Key Steps We Follow :

  • Review of Basic Engineering Package
  • Preparation / Review of Design Using AutoCAD, ETAP, Cg Lux, DIALux, SIMARIS, Ecodial
  • Basic Detailed Engineering
  • Generation Of Material Take Off
  • Adherence to Regulatory Requirements


For any process, across manufacturing electrical instrumentation, or construction, the final output is only as good as the components and raw materials used to build it. We understand how critical it is to ensure that the inputs for any project meet the stringent specification guidelines outlined during the design stage.

Steps We Follow :

  • Vendor Evaluation
  • Tendering
  • Release of Purchase Order
  • Vendor Drawings Approval
  • Inspection


Construction is a mission-critical stage for any engineering project. This demands technical excellence as well as operational expertise. We leverages its two decades of experience and acumen to offer comprehensive tactical and practical inputs to make this a success.

Steps We Follow :

  • Planning/ Scheduling
  • Material Management
  • Efficient Deployment of Skilled/Unskilled Services
  • Subcontractor Management
  • Safety Control
  • Testing and Commissioning
Man Power

If you in need of workers, contact MicroCAD Engineering Services. We can analyse your requirements and offer appropriate solutions.

Any malfunction or below-par performance can have a ripple effect across the plant and throw all production lines off track. Our Operation &Maintenance sends special team to ensure that these mission-critical processes are operating as per specifications.

In case of an emergency, the Emergency Shutdown Procedure is followed in a plant. After the shutdown and evacuation, the troubleshooting begins. We replace or repair the equipment, as required, to ensure safety and earliest resumption of production.