Do you need a Location Reference System?

    With our GIS services we can maximize the efficiency of planning and decision making which provide better means for data distribution and handling.

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  • Uses Extra Low Voltage Devices

    Our first priority is safety of our employees therefore we mostly operate using extra low voltage devices.

    We completely ensure that the devices should distinguished and checked by various safety properties, supply characteristics and design voltages.

  • Supply Man Power

    If you in need of workers, contact MicroCAD Engineering Services. We can analyse your requirements and offer appropriate solutions.

    In case of an emergency, the Emergency Shutdown procedure is followed. After the shutdown and evacuation, the troubleshooting begins. We replace or repair the equipment,to ensure safety and earliest resumption of production.

What We Do

The range of work that our company do is very broad. We have a geographical location reference system, MEP & EPC system and also provides workers at your service.

We first understand your requirement with feasible study and then plan accordingly. We design preliminary concept report and estimate our client's budget for better transparency of our work that we are going to do.

We provide every technical specifications and optimum design for your work and also provides site supervision service if required.

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